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Synergy Audio is proud to introduce our high end world class WTF competition line of amplifiers. 
We’re not going to go into detail on the initials but be guaranteed you’re getting the best of the best.

The size and quality of the internal components are not your everyday variety.

This is what sets the Synergy Audio WTF series apart from the competition.

These amplifiers are built for the serious competitor whether it's in the SPL Lanes or KAOS events, these amplifiers are sure to deliver the power, dynamic head room and quality you’ve come to expect from Synergy Audio.

All WTF Digital Class D Mono Amplifiers feature:

• High mass, thermally optimized aluminum heat sink casing 
• Overbuilt power supplies and output sections utilizing high grade components 
• Heavy duty double sided through hole PCB’s with thick solid copper heavy duty traces 
• Internal fans for added cooling efficiency 
• Hand soldered nickel plated Tiffany RCA inputs/outputs 
• Dual  1/0 nickel plated power and ground inputs 
• Nickel plated 8 gauge speaker outputs
• 4 stage multi-way fully intelligent circuitry for maximum protection
• Fully linkable with an easy to use single quick connect cable
• Full signal daisy chain RCA preamp outputs
• Input sensitivity 10V – 200mV
• Variable 30hz – 250hz 24db per octave LPF
• Variable 10hz – 70hz  24db per octave SSF
• Variable 0-9db bass boost gain 30hz – 90hz
• Variable Phase Shift 0°- 180°
• +18db Remote Gain control

WTF Series