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Synergy Audio is proud to bring you our new WFO 2krms subwoofer. This subwoofer we believe will be the pinnacle of output, reliability, durability and quality.

We started with dual 250mm Y35 strontium ferrite magnet slugs sandwiched between a 1.5" thick low carbon steel top plate washer and a one piece bumped bottom plate with an extended pole. A chamfered dome at the top and a flared vent along with 10 magnetic gap vents on the bottom plate create maximum cooling.

Utilizing a high temperature black aluminum former wound with high temp 8 layer flat aluminum wire. The former and coil windings are rated for 280 degrees Celsius.

Triple 6mm wide flat sewn tinsel leads are attached to our custom tooled PCX dual spider system.

We utilized a hybrid semi pressed pulp paper/kevlar  mix cone with double stitched high roll foam surround. 

We utilized a 6 spoke heavy duty cast aluminum frame to assure an accurate, reliable and mechanically stable musical platform.

Our WFO 2krms subwoofers come in 12" and 15" in D2 and D4 voice coil configurations


WFO 2krms Subwoofer