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​​Synergy Audio is proud to introduce our first “Made in USA” pro audio style mid drivers. These 6.5”, 8” and 10” drivers are manufactured utilizing domestically sourced ferrite and steel. Steel for the motor and basket are then machined and pressed for production.  The cone, surround, spider, and tinsel leads are all manufactured in the heartland of the Midwestern USA.

The USA made 1.5” and 2” copper voice coils are wound on a high temp, lightweight Kapton voice coil former. The lightweight poly cotton cup spider assures for tight control of the cone. The water resistant paper cone is attached to a durable treated multi roll cloth surround.

We’ve added a solid machined aluminum phase plug to aid in high frequency response.

With a nominal impedance of 8 ohms these drivers offer installation flexibility when installing multiple drivers. You can wire up as many drivers as needed to match the output of your amplifier’s recommended load capability.

Overall these drivers are solid performers with shallow mounting depths, 200 watt power handling, 97db sensitivity and with a useable frequency response of 57 Hz-6500 Hz. These drivers are at home as either a dedicated midrange or mid bass.